Wednesday, 14 January 2015

KenBoutonniere - SHOUT-OUT to my wonderful clients


- men lapel flowers, fun mini bows & men lapel buttons

Thank you all for your support and for choosing my handmade.

I give a SHOUT-OUT to:

~ my 1st client - Many Thanks for finding me and for the first two orders!

I am very grateful that you have started the ball rolling! Tausend Dank!!!

~ the lady who loved my red poppy and came back for more. Thank You so much!

~ the surprise selfie that you have shared with me wearing my lapel flower, Merci!

~ the guy who adored my mini bow, I am so thrilled that you want two more.  Thanks a lot!

~ I am stoked to get a Thank You card with 'I shall wear it with Joy' all the way from NY, USA. You have made my day!!!

I ♡ I ♡ I ♡ I

xoxo ;)