Tuesday, 23 August 2016

TAU FU FAH - 豆花 - Chinese Soya Milk Custard

QUICK Tau Fu Fah (Chinese Soya Milk Custard)

To all Tau Fu Fah lovers : )

Here is a quick recipe for silky smooth and soft Tau Fu Fah (Chinese Soya Milk Custard).

One bowl of home made warm Tau Fu Fa / Chinese Soya Milk Dessert


2 litres of ready made Unsweetened Soya Milk (from any Asian Grocer)

4g of GDL + 150 ml of cold water (mix)

Methods - ready in about 40 mins

Pour the soya milk into a heavy duty s/s pot.  Using medium flame, bring the soya milk to a slow simmer, for approx 6 to 8 mins until you see small bubbles appearing around the side.  Turn off the flame and then let the hot soya milk sit for 1 to 2 mins.  Remove the thin layer of soya milk skin with a chopstick. 

Mean while mix 4g of GDL with 150 ml of cold water.  Stir thoroughly until the GDL is fully dissolved.  Pour this mix into another clean pot (with a lid) and put this pot on the floor.

While standing, carefully pour the hot soya milk into the pot (with GDL mix).  Cover with the lid, leave it undisturbed and wait for about 30 mins for it to set.  No stirring is required!

Instead of making sugar syrup, I serve mine with some Maple Syrup.  

BTW I use a special 'Tau Fu Fah scoop' to scoop out my very Soft and Silky Tau Fu Fah.
Scoop out the water and the layer of bubbles before serving.

2 litres of Soya Milk + GDL (Gulcono Delta-lactone)

Still looks Great after leaving the Tau Fu Fah overnight / approx 12 hours,

plus a pic of the special 'Tau Fu Fah scoop'.

NOTE:  Many thanks to my friend, Mrs Yap for sharing her recipe.  This is a slightly 'tweaked' version.  I used less GDL (because my first batch was sour and did not set) and I have decided to pour the hot soya milk from 1 metre/3 ft height into the pot filled with GDL mix (so that I do not need to stir).


Please do try it out and let me know the outcome : )